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Senior Imam, President and Chairman of the Board of the Islamic Society of Central Florida

Imam Muhammad Musri serves as the Senior Imam, President and Chairman of the Board of the Islamic Society of Central Florida (ISCF) since 1993. ISCF is a Muslim community organization which operates 10 mosques in Central Florida.

He is the President and chairman of the Board of Leaders Preparatory School. A full-time Accredited school, (grades K-12th), and the Horizons childcare & Learning Center.

He is the President of the Muslim Social Services, offering free healthcare clinic for the poor and uninsured, job placement services, food pantries distributing free food to needy families, and Zakat assistance.

He is the President of the Peace Institute, which establishes Centers for Peace to conduct outreach programs and services, and which partners with various religious, government, civic, academic and business organizations to promote Peace, Justice and Respect among all people.

Imam Musri is an advisor on Islam and Muslims to various agencies of the U.S. government. Imam Musri was successful in stopping the “Florida Pastor” from “Burning the Qur’an” in 2010.

He is a member of the Florida Faith-Based and Community-Based Advisory Council since 2005, served under Governors Jeb Bush, Charlie Christ and Rick Scott.

In 2009, he was appointed by Governor Charlie Christ to the Governor’s Complete Count Committee for the 2010 Census for the State of Florida.

Imam Musri is also active in interfaith work and public service. He is a member and past co-chairman of the Interfaith Council of Central Florida’s Advisory Board.

He is a member of the Council of Clergy for Orlando’s Mayor Buddy Dyer.

He is a member of the Advisory Council of the Peace & Justice Initiative at Valencia College.

He is a member of the Interfaith Advisory Council for the Orange County Public Schools.

Imam Musri is a national speaker on various topics about Islam, religious diversity, interfaith work, and the history and culture of the Middle East at universities, colleges and other forums.

Imam Musri is routinely interviewed, representing American Muslims, by national and international Radio and TV channels. And he has been the subject of many articles in newspapers and magazines in print and online nationally and around the world. He produced a weekly television program titled, ‘ISLAM’, on Brighthouse Networks Cable since 2006. And, he is a co-host of “The Three Wise Guys” weekly radio program on WMFE 90.7 FM, the NPR affiliate public radio station.

Imam Zia is the author of “Islam:Silencing the Critics”, a groundbreaking book about the top objections, accusations, and questions directed at the Islamic faith. You may order a copy from Createspace, a division of Amazon, or from Amazon. He has recently authored another important book about relationships, called "Addressing the Taboos: Love, Marriage and Sex in Islam", which can be purchased from Amazon.Both books can be downloaded on Kindle.

He is also the author of "Love, Marriage and Sex in Islam", which is due to be released in the Summer of 2014.

You can download and listen to Imam Zia's lectures at http://imamzia.wordpress.com


Education & Other Skills:

*PhD from the Graduate Theological Foundation.

* Masters in Arabic and Islamic Theology

* Memorized the complete Qur’an

* Can speak Arabic, Urdu, English, Punjabi, Gujarati fluently

* Has written a complete explanation of Imam Bukhari’s Book of Iman

Imam Zia was born in Azad Kashmir, a beautiful mountainous region between India and Pakistan. He emigrated to England at the age of four, where he was engaged in regular education until the age of thirteen. He then enrolled into a full-time Islamic theology program at the Institute of Islamic Education, where he completed his memorization of the Quran, in addition to an Islamic Theology course, which spanned a total of twelve years of study.

 He memorized the Quran, and at the age of sixteen, he started an Islamic Theology course, which consisted of Arabic Syntax, Etymology and Grammar, Logic, Quranic Exegesis, Hadith Exegesis, Comparative Religions, Islamic Jurisprudence of the four main schools of thought, Foundations of Jurisprudence, Quran and Hadith, and other subjects. After extensive studying for approximately twelve years, he graduated in 1994 with a Masters in Islamic Theology. He has completed his PhD thesis with the Graduate Theological Foundation.

He is a founding member of the North Texas Islamic Council, an umbrella organization representing Islamic Organizations in the North Texas Area. He is actively involved in Interfaith, Outreach and Dawah work, working hard to unite various faith groups in an effort to create peace and harmony between religions.

He is also the imam at the Islamic Center of Irving, where he regularly leads prayers and conducts study circles of various branches of knowledge.is often invited to speak at colleges, universities, conferences and seminars.

He is a member of NAIF, North American Imams’ Federation, an organization dedicated to dealing with problems that Imams encounter, and to training Imams to lead their communities in a productive and beneficial way.

He has served as an Imam in the USA since 1996.

Imam Zia is available to give khutbas, lectures and study sessions at your university, Islamic Center, or organization. To check availability, please contact speakers4islam@aol.com . Please put clearly in the Subject of your email “Speaker required for khutba/lecture/study session”.

Born &  raised in Brooklyn, New York.

Coming from a long line of Imams and scholars, like his father Imam Davoud, he too Graduated the University of Islamic Studies as an Imam and khatib from the Presidency of Religious Affairs in Turkey.

Although a young Imam, he has served in many communities in the US including The United American Muslim Association of New York, the Islamic Society of Central Delaware, and the Islamic Society of Central Florida. Currently working with the Islamic Society of Greater Lowell, serving the diverse Islamic community with its religious needs and helping the neighboring society with spiritual guidance.

Imam Suleiman Hani is an inspirational religious speaker and youth lecturer hailing from Dearborn, Michigan. At the age of 14, Imam Suleiman left his family to attend a Qur'an Memorization school in the US where he successfully completed a 10-month program. Soon thereafter, he began leading taraweeh prayers at some of the largest mosques across the United States. His lifelong Islamic studies intensified as he gained knowledge at the hands of local and global scholars, completing hundreds of classical and modern texts as well as curriculums of multiple Islamic universities. He has since been giving workshops and seminars around the USA, as well as motivational and theological lectures at North American and European conferences. He’s been known in recent years for his popular one-day seminars, “Paradise & Hellfire”, “How to Memorize the Qur’an”, and “Islam vs. Modern Philosophies.” His specialties include Fiqh, ‘Aqeedah, Tazkiyah, Tafseer, Hadith, philosophy, counseling, and social justice.

Imam Suleiman gained experience as an Imam and a youth director since the age of 19, where his main focus was to help the youth resist modern-day challenges and corrupt ideologies. He earned his Ijazah in Sahih Muslim from Sheikh Zaheeruddin Mubarakpuri, who presently has one of the shortest Ijazahs in the world, as well as Ijazahs in the six books of hadeeth from five scholars.

Imam Suleiman recently authored a book in English on the topic of memorizing the Qur'an through IIPH and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Islamic Studies and a Master of Science degree in Leadership and Strategy. He presently works as an instructor at the international Himmah University of Da'wah, an Imam and youth lecturer in Michigan, the CEO of Hifdh Coach, and a traveling speaker for national and international religious, humanitarian, community, and interfaith organizations.

His most recent hobbies include mixed martial arts, archery, traveling and writing.

Educator & Lecturer / Islam in Spanish Rep.

Our New Jersey Brother Wesley Abdur Razzaq Abu Sumayyah Lebron, is one of the most inspirational figures in the Islamic Society in America today. At the age of thirty-seven, he has an impressive list of accomplishments. Allah has blessed him with the ambition to strive to do what is right, and the talent and drive to make it happen. His accomplishments in the community are admirable.

Born and raised according to the Pentecostal faith, he came from a very religious family. As a teen, he begun to question his faith. He could not grasp the concept of worshiping a man who walked the earth a few thousand years ago,

A foster child by the name of Edgar introduced him to the Zulu nation. Brother Wesley attended Zulu Nation meetings held in New York City. During one of these meetings, he met a Muslim brother named Aziz, who invited him over for coffee and tea.

Brother Aziz began speaking to Brother Wesley about Islam and gave him the book The Fundamentals of Tawheed by Dr. Bilal Philips. After quite some time studying, Brother Wesley was hesitant to accept Islam. Giving the faith he was born into a second chance, he read the Bible from cover to cover. He highlighted a few verses that he had trouble accepting. Determined to find answers, he went to speak with various pastors including his family who were well-versed in the Christian faith. The discussion only confused him even more.

He describes his main concern with the Bible as the claim that Jesus is God. However, Jesus acknowledges that God is in heaven. The Bible states O’ Goodness, why thou call me good? When the only one good is in heaven.[1] Wesley defended his argument by saying “Jesus is calling upon God. You [the Pastor] are telling me to call upon Jesus. I find it more comfortable to call upon the god that Jesus called upon.”[sic]

Shortly after, Brother Wesley recited the shahada, which is Islam’s testimony of faith. There is no God but Allah and that the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) is his servant and final messenger. Brother Wesley accepted Islam and became Muslim.

His educational journey started in 1998 by traveling locally to many seminars and gatherings of knowledge. He then traveled to Saudi Arabia in 2001 and back to America in 2002, utilizing various resources (such as Mishkah University) to continue studying.

Islam teaches that seeking knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim, whether male or female. Allah gave Brother Wesley the ambition to further his education. He has a Degree in Islamic Studies, which includes courses focusing on pedagogy, khatabah, Arabic, and Psychology from an Islamic Perspective. He is currently studying to further his education in Islamic Studies.

Being fluent in English and Spanish, he’s able to help others understand the message of Islam in both languages. He is currently studying Arabic to master that language as well – the language of the Quran.

As you may expect, brother Brother Wesley is quite an accomplished person, by Allah’s will and mercy. Wesley started his volunteer work in 1998 at Masjidul Ansari Sunnah in Paterson, NJ. Currently he manages the on-site courses of Mishkah University in New Jersey. He’s also an Islamic studies and Beginner Arabic teacher at Miftahul Uloom Academy.

To help aid the Muslims in Illinois, Governor Quinn appointed Islamic figures, Brother Wesley being one of them, to work in the Muslim American Advisory Council.

Brother Wesley has organized many programs to spread the awareness of Islam. “Coffee Talks”, “Qiyamul layl for Youth”, “Marital & Youth Seminars”, “Lectures and Classes”, “Entertainment Nights,” “Fund Raisers” and “Interfaith Events” to name a few. All of these are Islamic -based activities to spread the awareness of Islam in a creative and entertaining way. May Allah bless him for what he has accomplished.

 Founder and President of Alif Laam Meem, the first national Muslim fraternity

Ali Mahmoud was born and raised in Dallas, Texas where he attended public school his entire life. In high school, he created the show "Press Play Plano" in hope of addressing social issues with young adults. The show received hits nationwide and was renowned throughout the district. Upon entering college, Mahmoud was awarded the prestigious McDermott Scholarship at the University of Texas at Dallas. During his sophomore year of college, he founded Alpha Lambda Mu or Alif Laam Meem, the first national Muslim fraternity in America, receiving national media attention by the New York Times, NPR, and other major outlets. Mahmoud is currently finishing his coursework as a Biology and Sociology major and is overseeing a documentary called Brotherhood about the founding of Alif Laam Meem.

https://www.facebook.com/AliMMahmoud,  https://twitter.com/AliMMahmoud, https://www.facebook.com/almfrat,

https://www.facebook.com/brotherhooddoc, https://twitter.com/BrotherhoodDoc

Aspiring psychologist

Currently working on my masters in marriage and family therapy with a bachelors in psychology, she completed Suffa Islamic Seminary (in Dallas TX).  She is working on her bachelors in Islamic Studies with Mishkah University.  She is the host of Deen with Dunia. She conducts various halaqat all over the DFW area and nation wide.  She has very popular one day seminars, Easy Good Deeds, The Greatest Women of All Time, Women and Dawah, Keys to Happiness, The Missing Link, Jewels of The Quran, On The Shoulders of Giants, On The Footsteps on Our Beloved and Communication 101 What Every Family Needs to Learn.   She has taught classes in Texas, California, New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Atlanta, Florida and Missouri


Daawa Addict, YouTube Influencer

Peter Casey is a passionate life-long student of Global History who teaches high school in New York City and has experience in both Islamic and public school settings. During college, Peter started a YouTube channel called Dawah Addict through which he seeks to reach out to both Muslim and non-Muslim audiences with the hopes of increasing awareness of the true teachings of Islam and providing support for those who are considering becoming Muslim or who have recently accepted the faith. His channel was featured and the New York Times. After interacting with numerous new reverts who shared similar questions and concerns, Peter created a private Facebook group exclusively for reverts called ANSAR: Alliance of New Shahadahs and Reverts in order to connect very new Muslims with reverts who have been practicing for many years in order to provide a safe online space where reverts could meet and communicate in order to provide each other with advice, support, and a sense of community. Peter is also a co-founder of Lighthouse Initiative, a community-based organization created in 2013 that is dedicated to fostering a greater sense of community among Muslims on Long Island and in the surrounding areas. Lighthouse has received considerable media attention since its creation and was recently featured the documentary UnMosqued.

youtube.com/dawahaddict, facebook.com/dawahaddict, twitter.com/dawahaddict, lighthouseinitiative.org,

facebook.com/thelighthouseinitiative, twitter.com/LighthouseLINY

Hunger Prevention Director for ICNA Relief

“Arthur Richards is an American-born convert who accepted Islam after years of Christian work as a deacon and within the work of youth ministry. Since accepting Islam he has spent his time studying the recitation of the Holy Quran with Imam Wisam Sharieff and other well known reciters. He is pursuing his masters in Literature focusing on post-colonial studies and hopes to bring his knowledge to benefit those that interact with him. Arthur currently serves as the National Director for Hunger Prevention with ICNA Relief, and is active with social awareness efforts nationwide. He is one of the founders of LEAP, a Muslim based scholarship program for College aged youth, and is involved with a Custom Men’s Clothing startup with his father-in-law entitled, Bari, which provides quality, and handmade garments for gentlemen.”

Twitter: Twitter.com/ArthurKRichards

Facebook: Facebook.com/ArthurKRichards

Lisa Shah is a chemical biology doctoral candidate passionate about transforming science education in the United States and aspires to teach chemistry herself at the college level. She is a current fellow of the U.S. Department of State NeXXt Scholars Program which empowers young women from Muslim-majority countries who pursue undergraduate degrees in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics at U.S. women’s colleges by providing them with career-advancing support during their years of study. In addition to her academic endeavors, Lisa is a co-founder of Lighthouse Initiative, a community-based organization created in 2013 that is dedicated to fostering a greater sense of community among Muslims on Long Island and in the surrounding areas. Lighthouse has received considerable media attention since its creation and was recently featured the documentary UnMosqued.

lighthouseinitiative.org, facebook.com/thelighthouseinitiative, twitter.com/LighthouseLINY

Humor is a powerful emotion, and using it is indeed an art form.

That's exactly what the year's most promising Muslim personality, Baba

Ali, has accomplished, taking a lighthearted approach toward

Muslim-based entertainment.   His videos have been broadcast to

millions of people all over the world and his work has been covered by

the NY Times, USA Today, and the BBC.  In 2010, he started a unique

matrimonial project to help Muslims find their other half.  His project, Half Our Deen,

has resulted with over 700+ success stories to date.



Dr. Sarah Sayeed earned a degree in Sociology and Near East Studies from Princeton University and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Communication from the Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania. She also holds a certificate in Reconciliation Leadership through the Institute for Global Leadership.  Dr Syeed has been involved in interfaith activities in New York City for more than a decade. As Director of Community Partnerships, at the Interfaith Center of New York Sarah currently runs the Rabbi Marshall T. Meyer Retreats for Social Justice, and programs that bring Catholics and Muslims together in social service partnerships.

She is also a board member of Women in Islam, Inc., a social justice and human rights volunteer organization dedicated to the empowerment of women through knowledge and practice of Islam. In this capacity, she helped author the booklet, “Women-Friendly Mosques and Community Centers: Reclaiming Our Heritage, and a survey report Women and the American Mosque.

Sarah's work at the Interfaith Center of New York and with Muslim communities is featured in an online exhibit of the Tribute World Trade Center Visitor Center, titled “Renewing Our American Dream after 9/11.” She regularly presents and facilitates discussions on Islam, Muslim women, and interfaith relations



Bob Alexander has been profiled on CBS TV news stations and interviewed by National Public Radio about SAT and ACT issues. Dr. Sharon Alexander has served on the College Board’s advisory committee on financial aid and has visited over 50 top-tier colleges.  Their publications, web site, and courses have helped thousands of students throughout the USA.  Their students have been accepted at and attended many top state and national universities (Ivy League, Duke, So Cal, Stanford, NYU, UCLA, and George Washington.).  In addition, their students have also been accepted by a variety of prestigious liberal arts college such as Williams, Hamilton, Vassar, Colorado College and Barnard.  Their students have received millions of dollars in scholarships and grants.